The Budapest Multifunctional Sports and Event Hall built in Népliget will be one of the largest handball arenas in Europe. The 535 square meter exterior LED wall of the building provides breathtaking visuals. Visual Europe Project is responsible for the design and implementation of the LED wall and digital signage system of the 50.000 square meter hall. Hungary’s largest CUBE scoreboard, which weighs 12 tons and consists of more than 14 million pixels, has also been completed.

One of Europe’s largest handball arenas, the Budapest Multifunctional Sports and Event Hall located in Népliget, will be completed by December. The building has a floor area of 50.000 square meters,  a capacity of 22.000 seats, a height of nearly 40 meters, a LED wall of 3.300 meters and its external collar approximates the size of the Roman Colosseum. This video illustrates the spectacular lighting of the LED wall.

“Visual Europe Project designed and built a 535 square meters LED wall with the pixel spacing of 25 millimeters. The LED wall is unique in the sense that it consists of vertical rods of different lengths, thus following a curved shape. The result of this solution is a transparent surface that allows the visibility of the facade when the LED wall is not used”, said Szabolcs Botond, CEO of Visual Europe Group.

The modern multifunctional hall will host the 2022 European Men’s Handball Championship, which will be organized in the cooperation of Hungary and Slovakia. One of the biggest challenges of our team was to design and build the giant scoreboard of the hall. Hungary’s largest 12 ton CUBE scoreboard consists of exactly 216 square meters and 14 million pixels. This video presents the scoreboard in operation.

“Visual Europe Project designed and built 5 LED walls in the arena. Our company has more than 15 years of experience in the design, construction and operation of fixed installations and event venues, yet this project stands out in many ways from our works. The arena takes responsibility in transferring information and providing innovative solutions as well”, said Szabolcs Botond.


Thanks to the advanced technical solutions, the hall, in addition to domestic and international sport events, will be able to provide an opportunity to organize various events that require a significant number of visitors: conferences, large-scale concerts, shows and exhibitions.

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