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Our Group is the result of close cooperation between three companies (AV-Control, DCN-Rental, and Visual Europe) which together hold 100% of our ownership. The companies in the Group combine their organisational, human, and technical resources to provide services under the VEGroup brand. AV-Control Kft. has been offering a complex portfolio in event-technology for 15 years; DCN Rental Kft. specialises in technical services for meeting industry, while Visual Europe Zrt. has vast experience in innovative, creative solutions in visual technology. The establishment of VEGroup meant the creation of a Group that covers the entire spectrum of event technologies and offers high-quality services with a cutting-edge organisational and financial background. We have great experience in the operation of permanent event venues as well as in the planning and execution of custom events. We launched our FIX Install Desk in 2016, adding not only permanently installed AV solutions, but also custom designing and setting up of Smart Home and Smart Office systems to the service portfolio of our Group. The Group’s mission is to ensure maximum client satisfaction, deliver the highest possible added value, and offer complex services to its partners. Thanks to its change of attitude, structural transformations, and operational strategy, our Group became market leader not only in CEE region, but it has acquired considerable experience in international project management as well.




Satisfied Clients




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High comfort level, Safety, Saving energy

Be smart, Plan smart!

Nowadays we tend to label everything as „smart” so you could ask the question:
What about houses, buildings and homes?

Providing comfort, safety and last but not least saving significant amount of energy.
The operating system will execute the pre-programmed tasks when a certain event goes down or at a certain time.


conference room

We call lot of things „smart” nowadays. Why would we leave our office out of this?

What are we thinking when we talk about smart offices?!-Is it going to greet us with „good morning” and a hot cup of coffe at our table by the time we arrive?

We are not there yet.

But we can say it with confidence that you can controll everything with the push of a button. Imagine going to work and setting the temperature for the office.


We in the Vigadó Concert Hall

The Visual Europe Group is active in the Vigadó Concert Hall as well, you can meet us as the exclusive AV service provider at this lavish venue since July. With the venue we set the goal to maintain its diverse cultural offer and to support high artistic quality with...

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LED walls in the Danube Arena

The Danube Arena, this world class sports venue in Budapest, is very spectacular from the air as well. For more than a year, it has been hosting both Hungarian and international competitions, at which Hungarian athletes keep achieving excellent results. The rooms of...

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Visual Europe Group

Address: H-1044 Budapest, Óradna u. 11.

Phone: +36 1 430 0408

E-mail: info@vegroup.hu

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Copyright. Visual Europe 2018.

Copyright. Visual Europe 2018.