In an era where community engagement and public messaging are crucial, our state-of-the-art aerial displays are crafted to elevate your events, fostering a sense of communal spirit and shared experience.
Join the array of public sector entities who have enriched their community events with the Visual Europe Group’s Drone Show Technology. Together, let’s create memorable public gatherings that echo the spirit of community and shared experiences.
Reach out to us today to explore how we can enhance your next public event with our innovative drone show technology. 

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Discover a realm where your event visions are meticulously crafted into reality with Visual Europe Group, transcending the conventional boundaries of AV suppliers. We stand as your Multi-Award Winning, One-Stop Event and Entertainment Technology Think Tank, dedicated from the conceptual stage through to the precise execution of implementation. With over 20 years of experience, we have tailored custom digital and live event solutions on a global scale.

We have offices with local professionals in Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovenia and thanks to our robust global partner network extending our successful project footprints from New York to Tokyo. At Visual Europe Group, our commitment is unwavering in assisting clients to elevate their events, seamlessly adapting to the rapidly evolving global event and entertainment industry landscape. Your event’s elevation to unparalleled heights is not just our service — it’s our promise.



World Aquatics – Animation

Sziget Fesztivál drone aftermovie – 400 drones

Balaton Sound – 320 drones

Taste of Transylvania – 320 drones

Heim Pál Children Hospital Santa Claus drone show werk – 380 drones

World Aquatics – 400 drones

Augusztus 20. – 152 / 296 drones

Sziget Fesztivál – 400 drones


Heim Pál Children Hospital Santa Claus drone show – 380 drones

Heim Pál Children Hospital drone show – animation

Animation with 100 drones

Animation with 200 drones

Animation with 400 drones

Key Offerings

Captivating Aerial Displays

Our fleet of synchronised drones orchestrates a sky canvas of lights, formations, and animations, providing a remarkable visual narrative that resonates with community values and civic pride.

Customizable Themes

Adapt the drone spectacle to echo your message, local heritage, or event significance. Our creative team is proficient in tailoring the aerial narrative to reflect the core themes and messages you wish to convey.

Safety and Reliability

Operating within strict safety guidelines, our drone shows are meticulously choreographed to ensure a secure and enjoyable spectacle for all attendees.

Seamless Execution

Our technical experts collaborate with your event coordinators for a hassle-free integration, ensuring smooth operations from inception to completion.

Eco-Conscious Entertainment

As a modern alternative to traditional fireworks, our drone shows are reusable with zero emissions and noise, supporting your sustainability initiatives.

The process

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How long does it take from a confirmed order until the show itself?

Ideally, it takes 3 months from the order to create the most complete show experience. This is a joint collaboration with the customer, in order to completely tailor the choreography and visuals to the brand and successfully get the message across.

At what location can a drone show be held?

The safe conduct of a drone show requires space: there can be no spectators, vehicles, or residential buildings under the show and in its defined area, so the urban and downtown environment is rarely suitable for conducting a show or only with significant additional costs and permits.

How long is an average show?

An average show is 5-10 minutes long, and up to 5-10 spectacular animations can fit into that time frame. The length of the show also depends on the temperature, in colder weather the capacity of the batteries decreases.

From what distance can the show be enjoyed from?

The show is clearly visible from kilometers away, and can be enjoyed from several perspectives. The ideal viewing point is between 500-800 meters depending on the size and content of the show.

Does the weather affect the show?

Rain and windy weather are influencing factors and extreme conditions are not suitable for organizing the drone show.

What permits are required for the drone show and who takes care of them?

We take care of obtaining all necessary permits. It is important to obtain all necessary permits and to pay attention to occasional permits as well.

How many drones are needed for a show?

More complex animations can be created with a minimum of 400 drones, the more drones, the more spectacular the show.

What information is required to request a quote?

  • Event date
  • Planned location
  • The duration of the show
  • Content concept
  • What other events accompany the drone show


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