This year’s Event Production Forum East takes place on the 4th November in Budapest Arena. The event, going back to six years of history and initially aiming at the Central and Eastern European event market and the Production, Venue management, Promotion, F+B and Supply personnel involved, by now has become an acknowledged international ceremony to host delegates all over from Western-Europe, the Middle-East, Austria and even Brazil, with Visual Europe Group as Gold Partner of the professional forum this year.

The day-long event will continue in the same format as previously, 4 major sessions and closed by dinner and drinks in the evening. The first panel discussion will cover communication and the handing-down of experience between  ’Matures and Newcomers’ examining issues like how matures greet newcomers, do the newcomers recognise they cannot run the show from day one and how they educate each other? Panel discussion ‘The weather today is ****!’ focuses on the problems of the increasingly frequent hits of extreme weather, where speakers, having worked with events affected by severe weather, will share their experiences and offer good advice for the delegates. Another panel of international interest is ‘Those that know…’, under the moderation of Martina Pogacic, from Show Production in Zagreb, will discuss the various necessities of “Production” event items such as the operational needs, staging, AV and lighting, power, security, food and beverage, water, waste disposal, volunteers and artistic elements. The last and rightly popular panel, ‘Dinosaur Session’ represents those of a ‘certain age’ involved in the industry who come to tell us their experiences but at the same time pass on years of knowledge.

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