Professional crew

Our technician team of 70 covers the entire spectrum of event technologies. The technicians we allocate to events speak foreign languages and always do work in their own field; our internal trainings, however, give them the ability to understand other fields as well, ensuring quick and rapid work. Our internal policies set strict operational requirements for our technical team. Our technicians are involved in the preparation and planning of events and they keep our technical devices operational through maintenance. Our technicians have a professional experience of minimum 5-10 years and they do not only guarantee outstanding professionalism, but they are also familiar with and experienced in business, protocol, and international event organisation. Our periodic trainings give them excellent client and performer management skills. In addition to professional competences, we attach special importance also to outstanding problem-solving skills in our hiring and selection process. Our technicians follow strict standards not only in technical terms, but also in terms of appearance and behaviour. We are proud that our staff consists, without exception, in employees who are dedicated towards their profession and implement our projects with the highest degree of professional humility.
Our audio engineers have, on average, 5-10 years of experience in serving conferences, permanent event venues, Hungarian and international theatre productions, and concerts.
Our lighting technicians have 6-20 years of experience in serving business events, theatre plays, concerts. No matter the challenge, they will surely master it in the highest quality.
Our video technicians have 10-15 years of professional experience covering the entire scope of video engineering. They have vast experience in realising spectacular and creative video-technology solutions and in the accurate delivering of professional talks.
All our technicians have good English speaking and writing skills. For each field, we have a senior technician who can both provide support to the technicians and represent their field to assist the technical manager—either in creative terms or in the technical implementation.